The Health Benefits Of Spirulina

The process of having a complete healthy nutrition has become a concern to many people. Poor agricultural practices such as over-farming have replenished what used to be the fertile soil, and it has been left only with limited minerals. The change in lifestyle has also compromised your health. Most people have compromised their health for taste and time. These practices have to lead to a nutritional deficiency which has resulted in serious health issues some of which are chronic.

However, there are some healthy options which would help you in fulfilling your nutritional needs easily. Most of these options are suited to the modern lifestyles. Spirulina is one of the healthiest options. This plant has numerous health benefits associated with it which are mainly attributed to its nutritional content. This is one of the edible algae which have been used for many years as food due to its high nutrition content. The ancient civilizations widely used it due to its amazing health benefits. This article is going to highlight on some of the main nutritional facts and the health benefits of spirulina.

It is easily digestible the cell wall of spirulina lack cellulose

The digestive system does not easily digest cellulose. Instead, the cell wall of spirulina constitutes of mucopolysaccharides which can be broken down easily. Spirulina is loaded with nutrients which are highly bio-available. Additionally, these nutrients are easily absorbed by the body.

Rich in antioxidants

This species of algae is rich in antioxidants such as phycocyanobilin and phycocyanin. These powerful antioxidants are helpful in fighting the damage caused by the free radicals in your cells. The free radicals are known for speeding up the aging process as well as causing chronic diseases. The phycocyanobilin also helps in protecting the kidneys from the damage caused by diabetes.

It is loaded with essent
ial proteins

The protein content of spirulina is sixty percent more than that of chicken and meat. These proteins are needed in most of the biochemical reactions which take place within the body. They are as used in the repairing and regeneration of the body tissues. The powerful compound phycocyanin which is contained in these algae is also beneficial in improving the functionality of your brain and the heart.


Contains minerals and vitamins

It is rich in vitamin B 12. This vitamin is needed for making the nerves healthy. Furthermore, spirulina is rich in gamma linoleic acid which is one of the essential fatty acids used in protecting the bid against psoriasis and eczema.


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