• The Health Benefits Of Vetiver Oil

    The Health Benefits Of Vetiver Oil


    This oil was traditionally used in South Asia, West Africa, and South East Asia due to its numerous health benefits. Both its roots and leaves have wonderful uses. The vetiver plant is also referred to as the sacred herb in some places because of its healing, protective and uplifting properties. It is also used for cooling the body naturally in the tropical areas. In medicine, the oil extracted from vetiver plant is used in treating strokes, skin problems, and joint disorders. Some people use this oil to boost their energy levels when they become exhausted.

    Components of vetiver oil

    Vetiver essential oil is obtained from the roots of a fully grown vetiver plant through the process of distillation. This oil has an amber-brown color. The oil obtained has over 100 components which include beta-vetivenene, delta-selinene, khusinene, khusimol, beta-vetivone, alpha-vetivone, isovalencenol, and vetiselinenol.

    These are the main health benefits of vetiver oil

    Healing of marks and scars on the skin

    Vetiver oil has cicatriastic properties which make it useful in promoting the regeneration of tissues and skin. It helps in rejuvenating the skin by removing the dark spots as well as the signs of pox and acne. Plus, this oil is used as an effective home remedy for both acne and burns. Additionally, this oil has antiseptic properties and can be applied to the skin to kill bacteria and minimize the chances of infections especially on fresh wounds.

    Proven antioxidant

    Antioxidants play a significant role by preventing cell damage caused by oxidation. The antioxidant properties of this oil help in slowing down the aging process, reducing the risks of cancer, promoting a healthy skin and supporting detoxification.

    Soothing anxiety and nervousness

    Vetiver oil was traditionally used in aromatherapy. It is used for alleviating panic attacks, anxiety, hysteria, depression, emotional stress, and trauma. A study which was conducted in 2015 revealed that vetiver oil has the same properties and impact as Diazepam which is a medication used in treating muscle spasms, anxiety, and seizures.

    Repelling termites

    This oil has been to be an effective termite repellent. Additionally, it is also helpful in controlling the mosquito larvae which is responsible for transmitting diseases such as filariasis, yellow fever, and malaria. Some people also use it in killing lice by applying it on the scalp. It is such a powerful pest repellent and killer.

    Improving the body function

    Ventiver oil is used in boosting the nervous and immune. This is attributed to its potent tonic properties. Furthermore, this oil has restorative and soothing properties which help in stimulating and supporting both the immune and the nervous system. By getting rid of the emotional stress, this oil has a positive impact on the digestion system, immune system, heart and the brain.…


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