• Top Medications For High Blood Pressure

    Top Medications For High Blood Pressure


    There are different forms of medications for treating high blood pressure. These medications are aimed at treating this condition as well as reducing the symptoms associated with high blood pressure. This is a serious health condition which should be controlled since it can lead to other health problems such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and coronary artery disease. These are the effective drugs used in treating and reducing high blood pressure

    Alpha blockers

    These drugs help by relaxing certain muscles in the body as well as helping the small blood vessels to remain open. Alpha blockers work by neutralizing the effects of norepinephrine hormone which is responsible for tightening the walls of the muscles covering the small veins and arteries. This is helpful in keeping the vessel relaxed and open. Some of the frequently used alpha blockers are prazosin, terazon, and doxazosin.

    Alpha-beta blockers

    These drugs have the same properties and effect as beta blockers. They are mainly prescribed for individuals having extremely high blood pressure. Such people are considered to be at a high risk of developing heart failure. Examples of alpha-beta blockers include labetalol (Trandate) and carvedilol (Coreg).

    Central-acting agents

    These drugs work by preventing the brain from sending any signals to the nervous system. These signals would lead to speeding up of the heart rate and narrowing of blood vessels. These agents are useful in preventing the heart from pumping hard leading to a smooth flow of blood through the blood vessels. Examples of the central-acting agents are guanfacine, clonidine, and methylpoda.


    These are medications which work by dilating or opening the blood vessels. They are helpful in preventing the tightening of the muscles covering the blood vessels thereby preventing them from narrowing. Some of the most effective vasodilators are minoxidil and hydrazine. Other medications which have the same effect as vasodilators are calcium channel blockers. They are also helpful in dilating the blood vessels.


    Aldosterone antagonists

    These medications are used in conjunction with other drugs. They are mainly meant for older people having heart failure, people having diabetes as well as people suffering from severe hypertension. Examples are eplerenone (Inspra) and spironolactone (Aldactone).

    The drugs described above have been proven to be very effective in reducing and managing high blood pressure. These drugs respond differently to different people. The response of these drugs is dependent on the race, sex, and age. Sometimes a two-drug combination can also be used to control blood pressure.…


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