• Alternative Medicines Explained

    Alternative Medicines Explained

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    For quite some time now, people have had so much confidence in the medicine that they take. However, gradually, this is changing as a result of several issues that people have observed. As a result, people are more seeking alternatives to the conventional medicine they take.

    Why Alternative Medicines?

    Some of the significant factors that have contributed to people seeking alternative medicine include extreme side effects and resistance to the usual medicine after regular intake. People have realized that some of these side effects are irreversible which is a high health risk. Resistance development is the other dangerous negative result of taking medicine, especially for antibiotics. This is making diseases harder to cure. It is also costly to sustain taking medication.

    herbal medicine

    For this reason, people have opted to look for alternatives that are cheaper and healthier to maintain. Due to the above reasons, researchers have worked hard to look for alternatives approaches that are just as effective as taking medicines. Some of these alternatives are not only healthier but are more effective than taking the drugs themselves. Below are some of the popular types of Alternative Medicine

    Ayurveda Medicine

    It is one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine. Ayurveda practitioners use massage, herbs, and special diets to help you balance the body, mind as well as spirit. This promotes overall health wellness. The fact that the practice has been in existence for thousands of years proves that itis quite effective.


    essental oils

    This uses essential oils in healing. Essential oils are extracts from leaves, seeds, roots, or blossoms of plants. Essential oils are inhaled, taken orally or massaged into your skin depending on the specific purpose. Most of them are used in treating infections, inflammation or in promoting relaxation. Aromatherapy has also been highly effective in reducing pain, helping with depression and anxiety.


    Acupuncture refers to many procedures which result in stimulation of specific body points. It involves the use of needles controlled by electrical stimulation or by a Practitioner. It helps with depression and chronic pain.


    This is similar to acupuncture only that unlike acupuncture it does not use needles. Acupressure practitioners use their elbows, feet or hands to apply pressure on the meridians of the specific body points. It is believed that illness can arise if these meridians are out of balance or blocked. This alternative to medicine restores wellness by relieving the blockages thus energy flows freely. As a result, it might be effective in reducing nausea for chemotherapy patients and in reducing anxiety for surgery patients.


    This is one of the most widely accepted forms of alternative medicine. It mainly focuses on disorders related to the nervous and musculoskeletal system. The most common chiropractic practice is spinal manipulation where the practitioner applies controlled force to joints using hands. Chiropractic practices loosen the muscles and restore mobility to restricted tissues, thus resolves the pain and allows the tissues to heal. As a result, chiropractic practice decreases the pain and improves the body’s physical functioning.…

  • How Music Changes Your Mood

    How Music Changes Your Mood


    If you are depressed or sad, you should never be worried. This is because you may decide to listen to your favorite artist and chase all these blues. If you had a stressful day at work, ensure that you reduce your stress by listening to your favorite music. Also, you can ask some of your friends how they uplift their mood when they feel low. You will actually realize that most of them lift their mood by listening to their favorite music or going to a concert such as the the cult live 2013.

    It is essential to note that there are different types of music you can listen to. Therefore, based on your likes, you will choose the best that will reduce the stress level in your body. Also, it is important to learn how music can affect your brain. However, it is important to know how your favorite band can actually influence you emotionally.

    How music uplifts your mood

    Whenever you feel that you are down, it is advisable that you listen to your favorite band. This will actually help you emotionally. Music is the best way to improve your mood. The following, therefore, are some of the ways on how music can uplift your mood.

    Music can make you happy

    hjdjhd874Whenever you feel depressed, it is essential to turn to your favorite music. It will actually boost your mood. Human beings have a hormone known as serotonin. This hormone mainly fosters happiness. It can foster happiness due to the soothing tunes which release serotonin. Also, music releases a hormone known as norepinephrine which brings elation.

    Music can motivate you

    It is important always to ensure that you have listened to songs that have a positive message. By listening to some of these songs with good tunes and positive message, they will, therefore, motivate you. That is why there are different types of songs for different purposes. Also, ensure that you know the type of songs you are required to listen in order to motivate you.

    Music can modify your brainwaves

    It is important to know that if you listen to your favorite music, it will help you in modifying your brain waves. Also, it is in a good position of altering your future moods. Therefore, it is recommended that you listen to the best music you like in order to modify your brainwaves.

    Music can reduce your stress

    You may feel stressed and sad due to some of the challenges. Therefore, if you want to reduce your stress, it is important to listen to your favorite band. This is because the soothing tune will actually help you to relax some of your tensed muscles. Also, by listening to your favorite music, it will pace down the breathing rate, and therefore this will reduce your stress level.


    Music can change your perception

    Researchers have proven that music can easily change your perception. If you feel that you are bored due to some issues, ensure that you tune in your favorite band and it will definitely change your perception. These, therefore, are some of the tips on how your favorite band can boost your mood.…

  • The Health Benefits Of Vetiver Oil

    The Health Benefits Of Vetiver Oil


    This oil was traditionally used in South Asia, West Africa, and South East Asia due to its numerous health benefits. Both its roots and leaves have wonderful uses. The vetiver plant is also referred to as the sacred herb in some places because of its healing, protective and uplifting properties. It is also used for cooling the body naturally in the tropical areas. In medicine, the oil extracted from vetiver plant is used in treating strokes, skin problems, and joint disorders. Some people use this oil to boost their energy levels when they become exhausted.

    Components of vetiver oil

    Vetiver essential oil is obtained from the roots of a fully grown vetiver plant through the process of distillation. This oil has an amber-brown color. The oil obtained has over 100 components which include beta-vetivenene, delta-selinene, khusinene, khusimol, beta-vetivone, alpha-vetivone, isovalencenol, and vetiselinenol.

    These are the main health benefits of vetiver oil

    Healing of marks and scars on the skin

    Vetiver oil has cicatriastic properties which make it useful in promoting the regeneration of tissues and skin. It helps in rejuvenating the skin by removing the dark spots as well as the signs of pox and acne. Plus, this oil is used as an effective home remedy for both acne and burns. Additionally, this oil has antiseptic properties and can be applied to the skin to kill bacteria and minimize the chances of infections especially on fresh wounds.

    Proven antioxidant

    Antioxidants play a significant role by preventing cell damage caused by oxidation. The antioxidant properties of this oil help in slowing down the aging process, reducing the risks of cancer, promoting a healthy skin and supporting detoxification.

    Soothing anxiety and nervousness

    Vetiver oil was traditionally used in aromatherapy. It is used for alleviating panic attacks, anxiety, hysteria, depression, emotional stress, and trauma. A study which was conducted in 2015 revealed that vetiver oil has the same properties and impact as Diazepam which is a medication used in treating muscle spasms, anxiety, and seizures.

    Repelling termites

    This oil has been to be an effective termite repellent. Additionally, it is also helpful in controlling the mosquito larvae which is responsible for transmitting diseases such as filariasis, yellow fever, and malaria. Some people also use it in killing lice by applying it on the scalp. It is such a powerful pest repellent and killer.

    Improving the body function

    Ventiver oil is used in boosting the nervous and immune. This is attributed to its potent tonic properties. Furthermore, this oil has restorative and soothing properties which help in stimulating and supporting both the immune and the nervous system. By getting rid of the emotional stress, this oil has a positive impact on the digestion system, immune system, heart and the brain.…

  • Top Medications For High Blood Pressure

    Top Medications For High Blood Pressure


    There are different forms of medications for treating high blood pressure. These medications are aimed at treating this condition as well as reducing the symptoms associated with high blood pressure. This is a serious health condition which should be controlled since it can lead to other health problems such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and coronary artery disease. These are the effective drugs used in treating and reducing high blood pressure

    Alpha blockers

    These drugs help by relaxing certain muscles in the body as well as helping the small blood vessels to remain open. Alpha blockers work by neutralizing the effects of norepinephrine hormone which is responsible for tightening the walls of the muscles covering the small veins and arteries. This is helpful in keeping the vessel relaxed and open. Some of the frequently used alpha blockers are prazosin, terazon, and doxazosin.

    Alpha-beta blockers

    These drugs have the same properties and effect as beta blockers. They are mainly prescribed for individuals having extremely high blood pressure. Such people are considered to be at a high risk of developing heart failure. Examples of alpha-beta blockers include labetalol (Trandate) and carvedilol (Coreg).

    Central-acting agents

    These drugs work by preventing the brain from sending any signals to the nervous system. These signals would lead to speeding up of the heart rate and narrowing of blood vessels. These agents are useful in preventing the heart from pumping hard leading to a smooth flow of blood through the blood vessels. Examples of the central-acting agents are guanfacine, clonidine, and methylpoda.


    These are medications which work by dilating or opening the blood vessels. They are helpful in preventing the tightening of the muscles covering the blood vessels thereby preventing them from narrowing. Some of the most effective vasodilators are minoxidil and hydrazine. Other medications which have the same effect as vasodilators are calcium channel blockers. They are also helpful in dilating the blood vessels.


    Aldosterone antagonists

    These medications are used in conjunction with other drugs. They are mainly meant for older people having heart failure, people having diabetes as well as people suffering from severe hypertension. Examples are eplerenone (Inspra) and spironolactone (Aldactone).

    The drugs described above have been proven to be very effective in reducing and managing high blood pressure. These drugs respond differently to different people. The response of these drugs is dependent on the race, sex, and age. Sometimes a two-drug combination can also be used to control blood pressure.…


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